In New Jersey, Limousine Companies are not hard to find, so it’s no mystery it could be an intimidating task to narrow down your options.   It is possible to find the best limo company possible as long as you cover the right topics.  Providing airport transportation or any limousine transportation service comes with a great deal of responsibility, so we decided to arm you with some key questions you want to ask in order to make a proper informed decision.


What is the structure of the pricing being quoted?  Generally you will come across two types of limousine providers:

  • The first type of company will provide you a base rate only price.  In all these cases, this company usually comes across as the cheap limo company.  Additional fees such as gratuity, fuel surcharge, processing fees, STC Charges, Admin Fees, and Tax will usually be added to the final bill and really create the “WOW” factor.  This is the type of “WOW” that stings in your pockets a bit.   The challenge in this scenario is if you don’t ask for the all inclusive price, they don’t offer it to you.
  • The second type of company will provide you an all inclusive price so you know what you will be charged up front.

Pick Up Policy

In terms of pickup policy you want to make sure you know exactly when to expect the driver to arrive.

  • Will the driver arrive early?
  • Will the driver or company monitor you’re flight pattern to ensure you won’t have any surprises when you arrive at the airport?
  • How will you know where to meet your driver?
  • If you are delayed in the terminal or on your night out will there be additional charges for wait time?

Vehicle Accommodations

Once you have entered the vehicle, what amenities will be provided at a charge and what amenities would be complimentary?

  • Will the vehicle be stocked with any beverages?
  • Will the vehicle be WiFi ready?
  • What is the condition of the vehicle?  Smoking permitted?
  • If a child seat is needed would one be provided complimentary?
  • What is their policy regarding pets?

These are only a few of the many questions one may need to inquire about prior to booking limousine airport transportation or night out on the town and all should be considered as they can significantly affect the price.

It goes without saying that First Choice Limo NJ would gladly discuss any specific details regarding your upcoming airport transportation or special events transportation needs.  First Choice Limo NJ has built a solid reputation on being above all, service oriented.  We understand the complexities involved with coordinating a smooth travel experience and hope for the opportunity to be a part of you and you’re families future travel plans.  We would only insist that you allow yourself to sit back and enjoy the ride.