Traveling for a business trip or for a much needed vacation?  It’s typically a smart idea to make the most out of your carry on luggage space.

The question which typically follows is: what does ti take to pack a carry on successfully?

It’s All About The Essentials

The essentials would be placed in two categories; the things you need vs the things you want.

Carefully organizing your items will help to determine where each of them belong.  You should have articles such as clothing, electronics, and toiletries.  Within these sub categories, it’s important to not have too many of any one thing.

It may be helpful to put similar items in smaller bags.  This may help make more room for larger or bulkier items.

Think About The Trip

You’ll want to do a little trip preplanning and look at the upcoming weather forecasts.  How will the weather hold up in the area(s) you’re traveling to? Will you be able to dress in layers?

If so, not only can you include the proper articles of clothing in your carry on bag, you can also wear multiple layers.  This will help conserve more room in your carry on bag.

Think About Your Flight

The amount of time you will be “stuck” on the plane may be something to consider.

If you’re travel plans involve a long flight, you may need headphones, reading material, or your laptop to help keep you occupied.

On the flip side, if your flight is on the shorter side, you may not need to to bring so many things with you.  You could keep yourself entertained easier on a shorter flight.  This could potentially save a great deal of space in your carry on luggage.

It’s always best to bring at least one form of entertainment on board a plane in the event of a delay.

Lighter Is Smarter

There’s nothing worst than worrying about whether or not your bags will fit in their compartments on board.  The last thing you want to be lugging from the curbside through the airport to the airplane is a cumbersome bag.  Focus a packing lighter.

Limit the number of items you bring on board in your carry on.  It may seem silly, but you may want to consider thinking about your carry-ons weight while packing.

Another helpful tip is it may be in your better interest to pickup shampoo, toothpaste, and other products once you arrive at your destination.  These items are typically inexpensive and easy to obtain.

Downsizing Is Your Friend

As you’re putting things in your carry on bag, you have to ask yourself the question: can I make this smaller or do with less of this?

The TSA have set strict limits for the amounts of gels, creams, and ointments in a container to 100 ml or 3.3 oz.

If you fill smaller containers with your toiletry essentials, you could potentially conservice carry on space and reduce the chances of having those liquid items taken from you at the security checkpoint.