Just coming back from family vacation to Puerto Rico.. and traveling on two separate airlines.  One of which were not so generous with the snacks and one that was.  We had two completely different experiences and it revolves around what else.. food.  Not just food but the availability of travel snacks.

On the first flight, my wife and I didn’t pack nearly enough to snack on for us and the kids.  Granted, silly us thought the kids who are ages 6 and 8 would sleep on the plane.  What we didn’t anticipate is the excitement they felt for going on vacation.  Needless to say although they were troopers, they did grow a little restless at times and some healthy snacks combined with better planning would have been a better strategy.

So this led me to think about what kinds of snack we could’ve brought on the plane with us that were kid friendly and airline friendly, and this is what I came up with.



There is a reason why you can get one of these in a happy meal.  If you are in a hurry they are small enough to just toss in a bag.  They are sweet enough to satisfy those sugar cravings and the smell wouldn’t offend anyone in the confines of an airplane.




Cheese and Crackers anyone?


A typical goto snack in our household paired with some apple slices to make it a bulls-eye airplane friendly treat.  Steer clear of the blue cheese for obvious reasons, but some cheddar or mozzarella always gets two thumbs up.  Tasty, filling, and inoffensive to neighboring travelers.




Got a thermos or travel mug handy?


Although you can’t bring water on a flight you can fill it up with all of the the ingredients for making a nice warm tea.  Include ginger, lemon, and honey.  Instead of that cold can of coke, ask for a cup of hot water.  Fill up your thermos, let the tea brew steep and you have a great soothing drink that’ll warm the soul.




Avocado Sandwich

Travel SnacksConsidered by some to be “natures mayonnaise” avocado is high in healthy fat and low in the “bad stuff”.  An avocado sandwich can be just the thing you need before you settle into a novel or dive into a movie.



Chocolate Covered Fruit

dried-fruit-mixed-small-group-0102-low-res1I can honestly say I blame Costco for this one.  One day as I was indulging in many different samples at my local Costco, I was once handed mango slices combined with chocolate!!  For those of you that haven’t already, you must try this amazing combination.

There are a variety of options of dried fruit combined with chocolate.  For example: blueberries,  raspberries, and pomegranate..but mango is by far my favorite.

Again, these are easy to pack and carry around and are extremely airline friendly.

Although I included only five, I’m sure that are hundreds of other types of travel snack and treats to bring for the whole family.  What types of things would you be bringing on your next plane ride to tie  you over until your final destination?

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