Looking for a Corporate Car Service To Newark?

Over the years, being a corporate traveler has changed significantly.  Thanks to the adaptation of new technologies, airline mergers, and budget constraints.  None of which results in reducing stress for the traveler.  Three months into 2017 you may be looking for tips on how to make things a little easier.

Corporate Car Service To Newark vs alternatives

Car rentals, yellow cabs, public transit, or ride sharing services may seem like one solution. The challenge with each of these is you’re at the mercy of the provider.  We truly believe using a corporate car service is the only way to go.

Why use a corporate car service to Newark improve your next trip?

  • Professional chauffeurs are trained individuals, drug tested, background checked and have a local edge.
  • Both your professional chauffeur and vehicle will be outfitted to meet your needs and expectations.
  • With a corporate car service you will have a stress free commute therefore no need to worry about additional annoyance of utilizing a parking at a lot off site and waiting for a shuttle.

Getting to and from the airport is an important element of business travel, therefore it’s important to plan it out accurately.

Introduce a new app to the game

Every day a new app is released and designed to help us organize our expenses and time.  The key is to find the app that will benefit you the most. Here are two that we thing are worth mentioning.

  • My TSA the app is long overdue.  Aside from providing using with pertinent information regarding TSA regulations, it also provides users with security wait times.
  • Café Wifi this app is not long useful for business travelers, but everyone can benefit from this.  Cafe Wifi is a free wifi locater and will offer other useful info regarding that particular location.  For example, power outlets, seating arrangements, and floor by floor specs.

First Choice Limousine has been servicing the Princeton and all surrounding areas for more than 20 years.  We continue our success by being true to our service commitment to our loyal customers.

We hope the next time you are looking for a car service in Princeton, or a corporate car service to Newark Airport you reach out to us.