As a NJ Limo Service, we see all kinds of suitcases that our customers travel with.  Some over pack and some underpack (at least most people might say that) The truth is that sometimes it just pays to lightly pack instead of lugging with you as much as you can. Whether it is the fees for checked baggage or the long waits at the carousel, it makes a big difference. In addition, if you happened to find yourself with a cancelled flight, it could mean the difference between carrying on with your travels as planned or getting stuck waiting at the airport. Honestly, we have all probably packed far too many shoes and clothes than we are actually going to use.

We have some great ideas for making the most of your suitcase interior, cutting back on your overall load and winding up with as few wrinkles as possible. You can use these tips for packing for an adventure that will keep you out for a couple of months the same as you can use them for a short business trip.

Your Carry-On Should Be Compact

If you choose a big suitcase, chances are you will find something to fill up every square inch of it. However, if you limit your case to a height of about twenty-two inches with a hard shell, you will not be able to squeeze in a bunch of unneeded extras.

In reality, there is no particular universal size for a carry-on. However, most airlines, including United, Delta and American, have restrictions on sizes. They will not allow anything larger than twenty-two inches in height, fourteen inches in width and nine inches in depth. For international flights, these sizes can be further reduced. The best thing is to measure your carry-on, including wheels and outside pouches, to make sure you meet the dimension requirements.

When Packing

The best advice when choosing the contents of your suitcase is to think twice about each and every item. Do not even entertain a category for those things you “might” need. Odds are, if you find yourself in need of anything that would fit in that category, you can purchase it on the trip.

A good rule of thumb for a week-long travel trip is as follows:

  • Five sets of socks
  • Five sets of underwear
  • Four tops
  • Three bottoms
  • Two pairs of shoes
  • One Hat

Optional items can include a suit jacket or dress, an outfit for exercising and one swimsuit. This will, of course, depend on the manner of trip you are taking. The point is to pack no more than you absolutely need and will use.

Even when you are on a trip that exceeds the week-long mark, you need not pack anything more than what is listed above. In such case that your stay is longer, there is most usually somewhere to do laundry. This will make the week long packing last almost indefinitely.

To lessen the chance of wrinkles in your clothes when you unpack, we suggest rolling your clothing. Not only does this minimize chances of wrinkling, it also makes the most of the space you have. It is almost like playing Tetris. Others choose the “bundling” method, where specific sets of clothes are rolled together, with underwear and undershirts serving as the core of the bundle.

Whichever method you choose to go with, it should be your goal to utilize every inch of space that you have.

Once you are off the plane, you will further appreciate the fact that you did not over pack. Using a NJ limo service like First Choice Limousine will make things easier as well. Not only can you take the carry-on inside the vehicle with you, smaller bags will fit much more nicely in the trunk.