If you would ask people when it is the best time to buy your airline tickets for business travel, be prepared to be bombarded with a hundred different answers. Some would say buy them on a Tuesday, some would disagree and say that Wednesdays are better. There are also some that would recommend you buying them two months beforehand, while others would advise you on a last minute purchase. In reality, the right answer is that there really is no right answer. What you can do is to be persistent and check the prices a couple of time a day, all week, as earlier as you can.  

However, a research carried out between January 2016 and October of the same year, suggests that there is in fact a perfect day to buy your tickets. It is important to note that this research was based on billions of flights during this period. According to it, if you are planning to travel make sure you buy your ticket on a Sunday, twenty five days before you are planning to leave. This way you will save 30% on European destinations and 17% on domestic ones. However, although weekends may have the cheapest fares, this is not the case for Friday, since the number of business travels during this day is higher than the rest of the weekend.

As Greg Schulze, senior VP of Expedia’s commercial strategy says, people nowadays have an advantage due to the countless airlines, cheaper fares and places to visit. Therefore, traveling to visit your family has never been cheaper and easier.

Here are some tips to help you when buying these tickets for business travel or leisure travel:

When it comes to traveling to Europe, a research suggests that most people tend to purchase their tickets almost a hundred days in advance. In which season you buy the tickets also plays an integral part in the price, since tickets are much more expensive in summer than they are in winter. Often times the differences in price can reach as much as $250.

When buying tickets we also need to take into account the season we are planning to travel. If our trip takes place in winter, not considering New Year and Christmas, then we should book a flight 54 days in advance. If however, we are going on a trip in spring then make sure you book it 75 days before you need to leave. The right time to book your tickets for a summer’s travel would be 76 days prior to your departure, while for fall, 47 days would do.

Holiday travel tend to increase the airline prices, therefore if you are planning a getaway during holidays such as Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s make sure you book it no more than a month in advance.

However, Tuesdays and Wednesdays may be perfect for you if you are looking to find cheap flights for domestic travel. This is because there is not much competition between those traveling for business and others.

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